Vision and Core Values

The Woodhouse Vision

1. Only in a true state of relaxation can no fear exist, therefore The Woodhouse exists to offer an escape to allow imaginations to flourish, creativity to flow and dreams to re-awaken…A gathering place to stimulate the soul, educate the mind, and send people on their way feeling like they have reclaimed a piece of themselves.  Maybe then, our guests will take that back to their families, neighbors, and even strangers and pass The Woodhouse Experience on.  It’s all about serving others and serving God- bringing glory to Him.

2. The Woodhouse Spas will pass The Woodhouse Experience on through franchising.  Franchising enables us to help people to realize their dreams of business ownership, and allows them to live a life of purpose that is centered on serving others.  It is only in serving others can we truly live a life of fulfillment.

3. The Woodhouse will mentor, encourage, and aid in development of servant leadership in our franchisees through training programs and leading by example.  We will set ourselves apart from Corporate America by being Character based, principle-driven leaders.

4. Each Woodhouse Day Spa environment will be filled with enthusiasm, optimism, and positive energy in order to enhance personal growth and wellness of the spa staff and franchisees.  

5. The Woodhouse will be the front-runner in the spa industry.  The Woodhouse will stay current on industry data and continuously educate our franchise partners and team members.  The Woodhouse will develop products, services, business models and technologies that will be the future of the spa industry.

6 The Woodhouse Training Program will be continuous, interactive, and fun in order to facilitate learning.  Every member of The Woodhouse Day Spa staff will be trained The Woodhouse Way. The Woodhouse will Hire by Character and train the skills needed. 

7. The Woodhouse will do what it takes to maintain The Woodhouse Family environment throughout the system.  The Woodhouse will be the leader in franchise relations.  The Woodhouse will communicate with our franchisees in a way that they feel we are in the same room.  We will always maintain a personal relationship with our franchisees.

8. Each Woodhouse Day Spa will deliver the 99 Elements of The Woodhouse Experience to every guest every time they visit The Woodhouse Day Spa. 

9. The Woodhouse Brand will be known globally for the outstanding guest experience and the purpose-driven company.  Americans will associate massage therapy, facials, and pedicures with The Woodhouse Brand. The Woodhouse will expand internationally.

10.  The Woodhouse will leverage technology in our business systems to enhance the guest’s experience and to advance our support and relationships with our franchisees.

11. The Woodhouse business model will be profitable, relational, and purposeful.

12.  The Woodhouse Family has Fun serving others and growing together through our relationships with each other.

13. The Woodhouse will grow to a franchise family of hundreds day spas and we will stay ahead of the growth curve.  The Woodhouse will have the resources and structure in place to support and facilitate such growth, while maintaining our family atmosphere and personal relationships.

14. The Woodhouse will willingly share our resources to give back to communities through local Pay-it-Forward programs and donations in order to serve others.

15.  The Woodhouse Vision will be the central organizing principle, the Roadmap, which drives our decisions.

Core Values

The Woodhouse will always go BEYOND OUR CAPACITY.

The Woodhouse will never fear DOING THE IMPOSSIBLE.

The Woodhouse will strive for OUTSTANDING results.

The Woodhouse will be HUMBLE, SERVANT, LEADERS.


The Woodhouse is about BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS with PEOPLE.


The Woodhouse will bring DELIGHT to GOD.

Purpose: Transforming Lives

The Woodhouse Standards

1. Serve everyone with an open heart

2. We are family and will build a positive team spirit

3. Trust and respect each other

4. Build open and honest relationships with communications

5. Be passionate, enthusiastic & determined

6. Be prepared...It's all in the details

7. Clarity is the key to excellence

8. Do what you say you are going to do

9. Be humble

10. No excuses and don't complain

11. Be consistent and follow through

12. Never be late

13. Be enthusiastic about change

14. Never, never, never give up

15. Always reach beyond our capacity to do the impossible

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