Continuing Education

One of the greatest tools for success is education.

We at the Woodhouse Day Spas, want to ensure that our team has the necessary skills needed to succeed.. As an added benefit, we provide over 70 per year live one-hour webinars from the home office team and our vendors to help you keep up on product knowledge, technique, customer service and what’s new in the industry. Furthermore our partners at the BMP, ASCP and ANP offer free webinars 1-2 times a month as well. These webinars are taught by top names in their respective field and cover topics including self-care, pathologies, business skills, techniques, and treatments. These webinars are archived for easy access 24/7 ask your owner or manager to obtain access to our libraries for on-demand education.

In addition you will receive a subscription to our award-winning publications Massage & Bodywork (ABMP) and Skin Deep (ASCP). Filled with rich editorial content from the profession’s leaders, you and have a wonderful resource of information to advance your knowledge.

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