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As an Esthetician for many years I always get asked, "What should I be doing to my skin?" And, "My skin is different in the summer, should I be doing something different?" I have shared some of my knowledge with my guests and I would love to pass on some of this information to you!
#1 ALWAYS Wear Sunscreen.
It is so important to protect your skin and that's the first thing I tell to everyone. If you are not using a sunscreen, then you need to get up front and pick one out before you leave! One thing that I love about SkinCeuticals is that they make sunscreen for any skin type, and if you want it tinted then no problem. Sunscreen is going to reduce the frequency and severity of hyperpigmentation and sunspots. Make sure if you are going to be in water to use waterproof!!! In addition, I have a couple of other musts that fall under my number one rule, lip balm. There are so many lip balms with spf, make sure to use one! And another must, sunglasses. Make sure to buy sunglasses that have 99-100% UV blocking! Overtime, not wearing sunglasses could cause fine lines and wrinkles around your eyes. 
#2 Stay Hydrated.
Drink lots of water, I know that we hear this all of the time but it is so important. In addition to staying hydrated and not passing out on the beach somewhere, your skin needs hydrated. Sweating more than normal means that we are losing electrolytes and water which means our body doesn't have enough moisture for our skin.
#3 Keep Skin Clean and Exfoliated.
ALWAYS shower and rinse with fresh water after swimming! This will remove any salt and chlorine on the skin that will cause your skin to dry out. Exfoliate your skin to eliminate dry and flaky skin. This is so important, so that your skin stays smooth and lotions will penetrate the skin much better. One thing to note, don't over-wash your skin. This can make your skin more dry and your skin loses some much needed hydration. As always, keep your skin hydrated, use lotion. My favorite is Voya's Softly Does it. 
#4 Wear Minimal Or Light-weight Makeup.
Wear light-weight makeup, this will be lighter on the skin and you will be least likely to have clogged pored when sweating then wearing a full face full of makeup. None of us want to be that girl at the beach that has makeup and mascara all over her face. The less makeup, the least likely you will have an issue with clogged pores, plus summer is the time to be more natural!
5. Take Care Of Sunburns. 
If you have the misfortune to get a sunburn, take care of it. Stay out of the sun until your sunburn is healed. Aloe vera is fine to put on it, but my favorite is yogurt. Plain yogurt is fine, unless you want to walk around smelling like strawberry banana yogurt. Yogurt is an anti-inflammatory and it will help your sunburn heal quicker, just leave it on your skin for 15 minutes and rise off, repeat as needed. 
#6 Eliminate Ingrowns.
One of the most popular times to get our bikini waxed is obviously the summer, which means its the most common time to get ingrowns too. One thing I have learned the helps the best in eliminating ingrown hairs is keep the area cleansed and exfoliated. Use antibacterial soap and a washcloth or loofah to exfoliate the skin. By keeping the area clean and exfoliate, you will reduce the number of ingrowns. 
#7 Get Facials from The Woodhouse.
All of my guests already know this tip, however sometimes I need to explain the importance of coming in for a facial. Sometimes, okay a lot of times, we don't have the time to take care of our skin for 50 minutes or even 5 minutes. To be able to come in and give your skin the cleansing, rejuvenating and hydrating that it needs is what your skin needs. I realize that not everyone can come in every day, but I tell all my guests to at least make this a once a season treatment. As the seasons change, so does our skin. So, let's address any changes and issues and start correcting them today!
I hope that some of these tips help and we can all walk around with healthy, glowing skin!
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